About Us

A new solution with innovative ideas for furniture design. BERNOTI, a family brand with more than eighteen years of experience producing top of the line products, presents new custom made design concepts with high-quality standards.

Inspired by the latest design trends, we create unique furniture, offering a wide variety of finishes, colors, and styles with premium materials. The result is furniture that expresses a perfect synthesis of design and manufacture — all with the great service that Bernoti offers.

A company that can provide an All-In-One solution to all your furniture needs, from kitchens, bathrooms, closets and hospitality furniture. We provide for commercial and residential projects as well. Here at Bernoti, we make sure all your needs are met in a single place.

Bernoti has three essential foundations: quality, design & versatility


QUALITY – Quality is one of our pillars

We create high-value pieces with an impeccable presence that bring substantial return on investment in quality and functionality. In each furniture piece developed, the highest standards interact in the process: design, finish and material selection.


DESIGN – Bernoti is design

Bernoti offers original and innovative concepts with subtle lines and precise detail. A collection of styles, materials and finishes that come together to create designs that are modern, elegant and functional, all at the same time.


VERSATILITY – We adapt to your ideas

We have designed Six Furniture Lines as a basis for your ideas, from the most daring to the most classic. We offer, adapt and provide recommendations so we can accompany you on your most ambitious projects.

Bernoti, an equation that synthetizes both design and quality