Sognare Line presents two systems of walk-in closet complete in the sizes and modularity for grant the maximum freedom to design, functional for the ability to always get the ideal solution, to ensure a simple game of order and containment that is the essence of art in furnishing. Sognare Line is characterized by a wide variety of aesthetic and functional. The programs will permeate on the quality of materials, combined with easy and flexible technical solutions that allow you to design compositions to the centimeter.


Protagonist of the seven walk in closet system is the metal rack that remains hidden behind the panels. These last engage the clips supplied forming the sanitary vacuum. Special supports allow to place to taste the various components chosen.


The star system cabin Evolution is the metal pole that can be hooked to the wall or ceiling. special supports allow to place to taste the various selected components. This walk in closed Evolution is a modular system extremely flexible and functional for the night and day area.


The wardrobe is not just a container, but an intelligent, functional and structured project on the needs of living in the home, where only the necessary becomes essential. Innovating the wardrobe means, shaping it into a design element, suitable for any environment.

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